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 The case of Matthew X

About thirteen years ago, Matthew was enjoying his life in Dublin. A decent law-abiding citizen who had never even received a parking ticket, Matthew earned a living as a respected engineer in a well-paying job. His problems were to begin when he applied for permission to build an extension to his house. Matthew duly got his approval and started to build, only to discover that his neighbour, a District Court Judge took issue with the windows that Matthew had designed. Being a good neighbour, Matthew tried to oblige his neighbour by changing the design, although his neighbour had no legal right to object because the approval had already been granted. But a surprise was on the way! Soon thereafter Matthew was told that planning permission was being revoked on the strength of the Judge’s objections. Challenging this unjust and illegal decision, Matthew was soon to become the target of an appalling campaign of harassment, false allegations, spurious charges and false imprisonment. Gardai would ‘ambush’ him at the end of his cul-de-sac demanding licence and insurance for example, and directing Matthew to report to the barracks ‘within seven days’. Despite bringing the paperwork as asked ‘no record’ of Matthew doing so was logged by Gardai, and a bench warrant was duly issued in Matthew’s absence - indeed, without him ever being notified that he was to appear in Court! Matthew was arrested and jailed, spending seven days in a maximum security jail.

Since those early days, Matthew has faced a further 31 false or spurious charges, resulting in hundreds of Court appearances; the loss of his career; and incalculable distress and financial costs to his family. Again, formal complaints were made to all the respective authority figures, statutory oversight bodies and ministers and TD’s, and despite his case even being raised in the Dail, there are no signs of justice on the horizon.

Likewise, in spite of bringing his case to the attention of Irish State media (RTE) no one has picked up on this shameful series of abuses of a decent citizen’s rights - and all because he had the temerity it seems - to challenge a corrupt decision made by one of the protected elite - who, when he was a solicitor, counted a current senior political leader as his client. It is therefore no great surprise to hear that the Judge in question was recently appointed a High Court Judge..  

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