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The case of Dominic X

Sometimes, a story contains so many incidences of improper and illegal activities by the authorities as to beggar belief. Dominic’s story is one such case. Returning to Ireland in 2005, Dominic tried to settle in a rural community with his family and set up a modest business, only to find that he had - through no fault of his own - apparently fallen afoul of certain ‘connected persons’. Believing that they would never be held accountable, these ‘connected persons’ first tried to destroy Dominic’s good name and reputation, and when that attempt faltered, they embarked on a prolonged and vicious campaign of bullying, intimidation, anonymous death threats and online defamations of the most appalling type. Eventually the Gardai got involved, informing Dominic that they had arrested several suspects and that prosecutions would ensue. The DPP also confirmed that ‘files had been duly processed’. Unfortunately, this would subsequently be shown to be untrue. Dominic kept letters, digital recordings and other evidence demonstrating beyond any doubt that he had been repeatedly lied to and misled by senior Gardai and the DPP for over 2 years. But why? With ever more evidence surfacing that serving Gardai had in fact been directly involved in the anonymous attacks against his family - including the apparent hiring of thugs to give him a paramilitary-style ‘punishment beating’ - Dominic filed formal complaints and was directed to the Garda Ombudsman. But GSOC staff refused to consider any of the evidence of criminal activity, and wrote to Dominic stating (abridged), “..even if you can prove that the Superintendent is responsible, this would not constitute a breach of Garda disciplinary regulations, or an offence. Therefore, the complaint is inadmissible.”  (By the way, the penalty if a citizen commits these crimes is 7 years in jail!) With an abundance of evidence and eyewitness support, Dominic named a Chief Superintendent, a Superintendent and a Sergeant - along with other ‘connected persons’ - and sued them in Court for defamation. Immediately, the DPP and the Chief State Solicitor got involved, and sent barristers to shut down the case. Making a series of ‘irregular’ decisions one particular Judge announced that ‘Court rules are only guidelines, and I can overrule them if I wish.’ Without seeing or hearing ANY of the evidence, he then ruled the case ‘vexatious and frivolous’ and conditionally struck it out.

Meanwhile Dominic’s attempts to secure incriminating data from phone and internet companies using legitimate Court orders was likewise blocked and obstructed by the largest law firm in Ireland - supposedly ‘acting independently’ whilst simultaneously receiving millions in taxpayers’ money directly from the State. This case continues under appeal to the High Court. See full details in the confidential members’ area.    

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