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Rules & Guidelines for Members

Dear members and potential members,

Because we are dealing chiefly with wrongdoing in the legal profession and in law enforcement, we need to do our best to protect all members - and the I-I group as a whole - from unwanted attentions from those who would prefer law-abiding citizens like us to ‘mind our own business’ while the protected elite continue abusing our Constitution at will.

Accordingly, in order to join Integrity Ireland as a member - or remain as a member - you must agree to the following terms, conditions and guidelines, which may be updated or amended as required. We will do our best to keep the convoluted small-print to the minimum because we are a community of well-intentioned, decent citizens who operate on the basis of mutual trust and support - and NOT on contrived legalities or formal obligations.

The main reason for the establishment of these guidelines is to guard and protect you as a member, as well as the I-I community from further abuses. So please read this page carefully before committing to membership. Thank you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our proactive community.


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