Integrity Ireland: Tactics & Strategies

As our member base grows, most of our tactics and strategies will of course, eventually become public. But we see no need to advertise them all in advance in this public area of the website for the benefit of possibly-unscrupulous observers. However, to give prospective members some idea of how we operate as a group, here are a few techniques used by I-I members that have already proven effective:

(i) Attendance at Court Hearings, and keeping our own records: One of the most effective strategies employed by us to date is when I-I members volunteer to turn up at other members’ Court appearances and act as witnesses, reporters or observers. Having some support that is visibly present to the Court is a considerable deterrent to potentially-unjust decision making. But it is imperative that nothing is done to show disrespect or incur the displeasure of the Court. Most Judges (we believe) will welcome being placed in a position whereby they can operate without any undue influence or pressure being improperly applied – either overtly or covertly – by corrupt vested interests. Having some well-informed, law-abiding observers visibly present at I-I members’ Court appearances (and taking notes) is, it seems, an effective counter-measure to any prospective unfairness. But again, it is absolutely imperative that we act in a dignified and reasonable manner at all times, and present ourselves as professionally as possible. Through well-planned, calm and collected actions, we demonstrate to all present that we are reasonable, determined, ‘right-thinking people’ who are primarily driven by a collective quest for Constitutional justice.

(ii) Be A Collaborative Witness: Another productive tactic is to connect I-I members who have specific complaints against the same individual authority figure(s), and then co-ordinate their attendance at tribunals or Court appearances. Far too often, we hear about some lone litigant trying to convey to the Court their utter frustration about ‘dirty tricks’ being deployed against their lawful interests, only to hear that the Court has dismissed their case based on the presumed ‘integrity’ of a person of influence or authority. Bringing other members on board who are willing to testify as witnesses about their own history with your protagonist, will go a long way to nullifying any hollow claims about the protagonist’s alleged ‘integrity’.

(iii) Issue Bills and Invoices: For far too long we have silently accepted, without complaint, all manner of obstructionism, delays, deception and contempt by persons in positions of influence or authority – who are supposedly answerable to the taxpayer. Our letters go unanswered, questions are not addressed, and all manner of evasiveness, obfuscation and denial of due service occurs on a routine basis. As a result, the law-abiding citizen is left frustrated, dismayed and disillusioned, and in most cases eventually gives up the ghost. By putting any such obstructive individuals ‘on notice’ that if they do not do their jobs properly that they will be billed at an hourly rate for wasting your time, seems to be getting these individuals’ attention at last. As an I-I member, you will be supplied with templates and instructions, and how to follow through and collect what you are owed.  

(iv) Local Group Representations: Another approach that is proving effective is to coordinate groups of members with similar complaints – by town, county or province for example – who first of all write collectively to the statutory authorities, and then to their respective TD’s. When/if no proper response is forthcoming (which has been our collective experience to date) we then alert the media, hold a public meeting, and publish the full details of our complaints – and of the responses of the authorities (if any). All such complaints will also be logged and filed in the private members’ area by topic, department and the named subject of the complaint, and published in quarterly volumes. Templates for these letters and directions for these activities are available to all signed-up members.

(v) Lodge formal criminal complaints, and then publish them here: The most often-used excuse given by the Gardai or the DPP for not investigating or prosecuting ‘connected persons’ is that, “No one has made a formal complaint.” So, let’s make sure that complaints ARE lodged with the Gardai whenever we have proof that someone in authority is acting illegally or unconstitutionally. And even if the authorities still try to dodge, evade or cover up the issue, at least we will have a record of a formal criminal complaint made against these rogues, and can follow up on that complaint up through the chain of command - using their responses (or non-responses) to expose what is really going on. The existence of formal complaints alleging fraud, corruption, perjury, and attempts to pervert the course of justice are also great assets in our collective endeavours to expose endemic corruption, and name-and-shame the most prolific offenders.

(vi) Contribute to our ‘HAFTA’ database: Beginning in 2014, we are constructing our own confidential citizens version of the Garda ‘PULSE’ system whereby we profile and document offenders and offences for access by I-I Members and the media as-and-when required. ‘HAFTA’ stands for ‘Holding Authority Figures To Account’ and is something we believe we simply ‘have to have’.

(vii) NEW! Prosecute rogue authorities in youir own name! Part 2 of the newly-published ‘SOS Guide’ details how any ordinary citizen can go into a District Court with proof of any crime committed against them, and have the Court issue a summons against the wrongdoer. This service costs you nothing! But best of all, nobody (not even the DPP) can stop you from initiating a criminal complaint against ANY authority figure who has wronged you. This includes, gardai, civil servants, registrars, TD’s, Ministers of State and even judges! And YOU will get the opportunity to serve them with that summons and then cross-examine them in Court yourself. It is a whole different scenario altogether when the people begin applying the rules to errant authority figures. The ‘SOS Guide’ is like an I-I Member’s manual, and contains lists of crimes being committed on a regular basis by agents of the State - as well as a lot of other helpful tips, articles and practical help for wronged citizens. (Any profits raised go to support I-I projects)      


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