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The case of Dirk X

Dirk’s case also goes back many years. Facing a fraudulent claim for damages that was brought by a very-well connected person, Dirk was confident that in front of a fair and impartial Judge that he would undoubtedly win his case. Unfortunately, Dirk was wrong.

The original claim for damages had arisen after a highly-suspicious ‘accident’ had been engineered - apparently in order to place Dirk’s considerable business interests at risk of being annexed by a senior government official, now deceased, whose corrupt exploits whilst he was in power have since become legendary.

Notwithstanding the strength of his evidence, and the fact that this was supposed to be civil litigation, Dirk soon found himself being confronted by the Solicitor General and a host of State-sponsored barristers and solicitors, not to mention a series of Judges who were so overtly biased in favour of the corrupt government official’s case, that in recounting his story, Dirk freely acknowledges that it is a difficult story to believe.

When presenting a qualified expert witness in support of his case for example, Dirk found that his witness’ testimony would be ruled ‘inadmissible’ because it was judged to be ‘mere hearsay’.. but when a witness who was not even a party to the case was then brought in on behalf of the government official, this witness’ highly-questionable ‘hearsay’ evidence was freely admitted..!

(More details coming soon..)     

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