Private Members' Area Citizens for Justice, Transparency & Accountability disclaimer ! What is the HAFTA database - and who can access it?

HAFTA is an acronym that stands for ‘Holding Authority Figures To Account’.  

In effect, HAFTA comprises a database of profiles of authority figures who have had formal complaints registered

against them with Integrity Ireland, or, who have been the subject of other complaints or reports that are already

in the public domain.

The main idea behind the HAFTA database is to establish a library of information that will benefit I-I Members who find themselves dealing with certain authority figures - (whether those dealings be positive, neutral or negative) - but especially with those authority figures who repeatedly breach their own terms and conditions of office, or who visit serial abuses upon ordinary citizens.

Given that all such HAFTA profiles will be factual and objective and will be supported by I-I Members’ personal experiences and sworn statements, the information on these profiles will qualify as ‘evidence’ when establishing for example: patterns of improper or illegal behaviour; determining the credibility or reliability of parties to legal actions; or, these profiles can function generally as the documented basis for any given I-I Member to refuse - on Constitutional grounds - to have dealings with any particular authority figure.  Of course, we also want to hear of Members’ positive experiences, so we can give fair credit, where it is due.

We ask the rhetorical question: Why should ‘the authorities’ (and especially compromised authorities) have a monopoly on secret databases such as the much-maligned Garda PULSE system (Police Using Leading Systems Effectively) which even the Garda Ombudsman cannot apparently gain access to? It’s time to turn the tables on those who are routinely failing the citizens of this country and who are making a mockery of all the principles of democracy.



In Internet slang; ‘have to’.

Also the slang term in India for ‘protection’ money extorted by criminal gangs and corrupt police officers.

In ancient English ‘hafta’ is a derivative of the Norse word for 'collar’ or ‘custody’.

All very appropriate perhaps?

Submitting a Profile Report is Simple, and, when combined with a signed application form, also entitles you to ‘active’ I-I membership.

However, there are a few simple guidelines.

A Profile Report could contain any of the following:






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Justice, transparency and accountability should flow both ways - right?  So, please send your completed reports to for processing. Thanks.

You may submit qualified information directly using (i) the form on the right, or (ii) download and print-out the report form below by using the icons on the right, and then scan a copy and return it to us by email via, or, (iii) send this completed form back to us in the post to ‘CheckPoint Services, Belcarra, Castlebar, Co. Mayo’.

Alternatively, (iv) you can download the microsoft word version here, and email it back to us once completed. Thank you.

Please remember that only signed up Members can access the Master HAFTA Database via the secure I-I website.

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