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Irish Courts are notoriously protective of what they see as ‘their’ records, papers and transcripts. Indeed, there are various Court Rules prohibiting the use use of public reorders or cameras in Court (and now even in-and around Courtrooms), and preventing pubic access to case records.

Interestingly, and despite the fact that we are constantly being told that these are OUR public Courts - it seems we are getting very little say in what gets seen or done there, and unless a litigant shares the details ‘off the record’ then all these supposedly ‘public files’ remain, in effect, secret.

WHY? Where is the requisite ‘openness and transparency’? Especially in context of the scores of complaints of serious frauds; of ‘lost’ or ‘amended’ documents; and the tampering with official records?

At Integrity Ireland we have decided on a policy of publishing I-I Members sworn affidavits upon request. So if you’re happy to have those documents on display here - we will publish them for all to see. Hopefully this will help provide more transparency, accuracy and accountability amongst our esteemed brothers in the legal professions :-)

A full catalogue of I-I Members’ Court documents is (currently) being made available in

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Public Courtroom? It seems not!

 There’s one rule for ‘them’ and another rule for us..

Why all the secrecy and subterfuge? Especially in context of scores of allegations of  documentary and transcript fraud by ‘official’ sources