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The Integrity Ireland group has two overriding objectives:

(i) To encourage openness, transparency and justice in Irish State institutions—especially in policing, the legal profession and the Courts—through the accurate and objective reporting and publication of issues and events that run contrary to the principles of natural justice; that breach the Articles of the Irish Constitution; and/or violate the fundamental human rights of the citizen.

(ii) To serve as a practical and moral support network for wronged citizens, incorporating access to the combined knowledge of the membership, and to the facilities on the website.  


WHY? - Because of weak, ineffective, toothless and bogus oversight bodies.

Most I-I Members have already tried to lodge complaints with the various authorities and their respective ‘statutory oversight bodies’ only to discover that is all one big merry-go-round, designed to utterly frustrate and exhaust the complainant whilst well-practiced ‘damage control’ efforts carry on behind the scenes. The authorities shift responsibility back-and-forth to nebulous entities and agencies, claiming (falsely) not to have authority or jurisdiction to deal with matters and thereby avoiding dealing with some very serious problems and complaints, including criminal activity among their own colleagues. When a citizen does eventually succeed in getting through to the ‘appropriate statutory oversight body’ the results are often the same. The individuals heading up these agencies are invariably selected from a very shallow pool of ‘connected persons’ whose supposed ‘requisite objectivity and independence’ simply cannot be taken seriously by any intelligent or right-thinking person. Having exhausted all the available options without success, some members have then taken legal action - only to find that the same patterns of corruption and cronyism so often prevail - even in our Courts, and in our State-sponsored media outlets.  

What ‘they’ are worried about

The only thing that really seems to worry any of these compromised authority figures, is exposure of their activities in the media. Unfortunately, there exists a far-too-cosy arrangement between leading Irish media outlets and ‘the connected elite’ in Irish society. For example, people holding senior media positions can just as easily find themselves heading up a statutory oversight body upon ‘retirement’, and several I-I Members (as well as serving TD’s) report being completely ignored by State media outlets, despite forwarding press releases and offering to provide solid evidence of serious malfeasance at the heart of State institutions - by highly-placed public figures.

“News is what someone, somewhere, wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising!”

Lord Northcliffe

British Publishing Magnate

Publication & Exposure

So, with journalists, book publishers, prospective documentary makers and independent TD’s already on board as affiliate or support members, we will collate members complaints (with your permission) and publish them in video, book and digital formats whilst protecting the confidentiality of those members who wish to remain anonymous. Our secure database of first-hand records gives the I-I group more leverage when challenging corrupt or compromised authority figures. Our member-vetting and complaints processing system ensures that only valid, legitimate complaints qualify for publication, so even if the author-complainant wishes to remain anonymous, we can still stand over the integrity of the published product - which will then be made available to the general public online, on social media, and in bookstores worldwide.     


“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”

Robert Kennedy

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IMPORTANT!  What We Don’t Do.. (or what we can’t do)

Due to security and logistical reasons, as well as the constraints of being a voluntary organisation that has no direct funding and limited resources, we need to work expediently, practically and cost-effectively.