Private Members' Area Citizens for Justice, Transparency & Accountability disclaimer ! - here’s your chance to make a difference! Everything you say to us remains absolutely confidential - unless you instruct otherwise.

“Being a whistleblower when there is so much corruption and illegality afoot is an act of genuine patriotism, courage and of moral conscience.”

You might work in the civil service, law enforcement  or in the legal professions. You are being paid to do a specific job and you try daily to do your best, but you are unsettled by the lies, deception and fraud you see all around you. You want to do something about it, but you know your job is at stake if you step out of line. You want to do or say something that will make a difference, but you are are worried about the repercussions.

Well, now’s your chance to make a difference.


If you have any concerns whatsoever about the repercussions of sending us documents or information by email, post or telephone, then simply remain anonymous. There are independent email facilities that allow you to send and receive emails (such as via hushmail for example) without disclosing your identity. Alternatively, contact us in confidence at a scheduled meeting.

The information you send us will be maintained as a confidential source for members, and will help us build a more complete profile of corruption and wrongdoing in the system. If the information you provide is evidence of criminal activity, we will take appropriate action in the overall interests of justice. But anonymous or confidential sources will NOT be disclosed without your express permission.   

Your identity will NOT be disclosed Qualified information or materials will be used in confidence, to combat endemic corruption, cronyism and cover-ups.

Some examples of reportable incidents include: Abrogation of responsibility. Abuse. Aggression. Arrogance. Assault. Breach of ethics / of code of conduct. Bribery. Collusion. Conspiracy. Contempt. Corruption. Cover-ups. Cronyism. Deception. Defamation. Denial of due service. Discrimination (racial / sexual / religious etc). Documented contradictions. Evasiveness. Failure/refusal to respond to correspondence. False accusations / arrest / imprisonment. Forgery. Fraud. Incompetence. Ineptness. Intimidation. Lying. Malfeasance. Malpractice. Obstructionism. Obfuscation. Overcharging. Perjury. Prejudice. Prevarication. Sexual offences. Suppression of facts or evidence. Theft. Threatening behaviour. Unlawful seizure of property. Withholding evidence.

All information is welcomed, but please be aware that we cannot accept anonymous allegations that are NOT accompanied by documented proofs. However, if you have personally witnessed crimes or improper behaviour and are willing to stand behind the facts and allegations in a TV documentary or in a Court of law, then we are more than willing to accept and publish, signed, first-hand reports.  


Contact us in absolute confidence here or by filling out the form below. Thank you. Or, contact  us anonymously and securely via hushmail “Evil succeeds when ‘good people’ do nothing.” Edmund Burke