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Based on our collective experiences, it is the consensus amongst those I-I Members involved, that the so-called ‘Independent Review Panel’ (which is supposedly investigating some 300+ citizens’ complaints about justice-related matters) is nothing more than another contrived attempt by the authorities to frustrate our efforts to have these complaints properly dealt with in an open and transparent manner. What is of greater concern however, is the growing awareness that if ‘they’ get away with it this time, then we can be sure that any time in the future when serious questions arise about erring authority figures, that ‘they’ will simply channel our complaints into yet another ‘independent review’ which is, of course, anything but independent. By filling out the attached questionnaire, you help us keep track of what is really going on - and by doing so, we can keep the pressure up on your behalf - as well as for all the other victims of serious official malfeasance.