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On the matter or question of:

  1. The legitimacy, authority and jurisdiction of the I-I Findings Committee.   
  2. Are Irish judges subject to the law and the Constitution?
  3. Regarding a judge’s jurisdiction; is it affected by criminal behaviour?
  4. When can the authorities break the law - to enforce the law?
  5. When can someone lawfully and forcibly enter a dwelling?
  6. What is the order of precedence of different types of law?
  7. Can I prosecute someone without involving the Gardai or DPP?

17. Obligation on symptomatic parties to attend Court during a Covid-19 level-5 lockdown.


To align with and compliment the work of The Peoples Tribunal of Ireland, this page has been set up to catalogue I-I ‘Finding’ documents on specific matters and questions put to the Integrity Ireland Association.

Based upon the same foundation documents as The Peoples Tribunal, the Findings Committee of the I-I Association will only refer to written positive law in order to provide ‘legal certainty’ in documented format which final ‘ASSEVERATION’ documents may then be presented to third parties, published, and/or served on individuals, agencies or institutions as legal documents with their own intrinsic authority and jurisdiction.

For further information on this process, please refer to the reference texts and publications below.  

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Foundation Texts & Publications
Standardised Reference Texts & Publications