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We now have a range of multimedia / PowerPoint-type presentations for delivery in group settings. I-I Administrator Stephen Manning will present the following topics at your venue. All we ask is that basic expenses are covered. Thank you. Duration of presentations can be adjusted to suit from 30 mins to approximately 2 hrs. Covering subjects ranging from ‘savage capitalism’ to the rise of endemic corruption in Ireland; how to protect yourself from rogue operators, and how to hold errant authority figures to account.

‘Profit At Any Price’ - (and how to deal with predators and parasites - and tricksters, tyrants, thugs and thieves - especially in the Irish justice system).  

‘Prosecuting by Common Informer’ - The quick and easy (legal) way to turn the tables on errant authorities.

‘For The Children’ - How and why the child protection system and family Courts are catastrophically failing our children.

‘Judges & Untouchables’ - Ireland’s unique culture of impunity for ‘connected insiders’ and our two-tier justice system.

‘Effective Activism’ - How to set up and maintain effective support / protest / activist groups; the do’s and don’ts of volunteer group management and tactics for taking on a corrupt or compromised establishment.

A selection of books which the uninitiated may find useful in understanding the  breadth and depth of corruption and cronyism in Ireland today..

To book a presentation, please email Stephen at

New!  DIY Justice Understanding Corruption in Ireland Read free or download: Handbook of European Law relating to access to justice FREE DOWNLOAD! EU Handbook on Access to Justice