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The files immediately below pertain to the false and unlawful imprisonment of Stephen  Manning in Castlerea Prison during the period May 4th to 29th 2017.  For direct contact with Stephen, please call (Irl) [00353] (0) 862 189 229 Seeking legal representation - false imprisonment issue: 3 committal documents (originals) 3 committal documents (with explanatory notes) Seeking legal representation for various additional cases - personal injury / defamation / conspiracy etc (2-pages) 1+ page summary. 4 page detailed summary. Video report Castlebar Court case & imprisonment.. Stephen’s video report of false imprisonment case Case vs TUSLA / Gardai etc (plenary summons) Personal injuries claim vs the State (3-page summary) SBP May 11th 2014 - 2.pdf Irish Times Feb 4th 2017.pdf Connaught Telegraph Connaught Telegraph Sept 2nd 2015.png UK Column Questionable arrests continue.pdf Authorisation from the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) to initiate proceedings OTHER CASES (click on text below for more information) UK/IRL conspiracy to murder 2020 Video Part 1 Video Part 2