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Using specific strategies, the‘Integrity Ireland’ group calls to all concerned citizens to assist in addressing—in some real and effective manner—the prevailing culture of apparently-routine corruption, cronyism and cover-ups within our legal and law-enforcement institutions.

THE LEGAL PROFESSION: “The existence of a free and independent legal profession is an essential means of safeguarding individual rights in face of the power of the State, and of other interests in society..”

The solicitor’s code of conduct and the Law Society of Ireland’s ‘Complaints and Client Relations Department’ are there to protect us from malfeasance in the legal profession - right? Read case studies here..

 LAW ENFORCEMENT: The Garda Authorities (the Irish Police); the Garda Ombudsman; the Office of the DPP and the Chief State Solicitor’s Office.

The trusting public relies on these taxpayer-funded State bodies to guard and protect our fundamental rights under the law and the constitution. But all is NOT as it seems. Find out how things really work here..

THE COURTS: “Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing, in a timely manner, by an independent and impartial tribunal.”

(Article 6 § 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights)

If all else fails, at least we have access to the Courts whereby we can be assured of just, fair and equitable treatment by independent judges. “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done” - right?


Challenging corruption, cronyism, and criminal cover-ups..

  ..and encouraging openness, transparency and justice in Irish institutions.

One-by-one - together - we can make a difference!

Let’s stand up and be counted

 “Encouraging openness, transparency and justice in the institutions of the Irish State, and serving as a support network for wronged citizens.”

Justice should NOT be for sale or favour: This is the public area of the Integrity Ireland website and is the product of the Constitutional objectives of a group of law-abiding concerned citizens who have been subjected to disquieting—often harrowing—incidences of improper, illegal and/or criminal treatment at the hands of State agencies or institutions—or by other closely-affiliated agencies; in particular, law enforcement authorities, legal practitioners, and their respective ‘independent’ or statutory oversight bodies.

The public area of this website serves as a free information source for concerned citizens, as well as a gateway to the ‘members-only’ area where members can air their concerns; publish their complaints; get assistance and advice; and otherwise offer mutual support and assistance to other citizens in similar circumstances.

GET INVOLVED! Join our national & international database.. Contact us in confidence using the link below Become a signed-up member and get access to our supports, services, information, paralegals & publications; as well as your opportunity to really make a difference. Leave your comments on our public forum by clicking here Individual contacts since March 2013 Latest News Latest News  & videos here! Twitter account for Stephen T Manning, I-I Administrator and 1st Ind Mayo candidtae PUBLIC Website hits to date: 15,778,332 I-I website intro.MP3 4-min  intro DONATE & SUPPORT

Covid Legislation Ruled

Unlawful + Passes

Pirates, Predators & Politicians (the Cabal)

Crooks & Clowns in

Wigs & Gowns

DPP = Devious, Pernicious Persecutors

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Two Days, Three Cases, One Stand

Poland Criticises Irish Judges, & SS Files

Collusion or Incompetence?

“Strip Them Naked!” (Says Judge Hughes)


Deja-Vu: Coincidence or Collusion?

Publicity: The Soul of Justice

Barristers, Judges & Secret Societies?

Comedy or Conspiracy?


Threats from the DPP’s Office…

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Mission Impossibe or Mission Unstoppable?

Shameless & Sinister Part II

Shameless & Sinister Part I

Criminal Collusion

In Our Courts?

Orwellian Ireland:

A State of Disgrace

Dastardly Deeds at

the DPP Office


Heads MUST Roll!

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DPP in the Dock?

When justice fails

One Step Closer..?

(to prosecuting Gardai)

Disgrace & Dishonour

(Castlebar Court)

Gardai & GSOC

Staff in the dock?

When Courts Become Crime Scenes

Judges & “Untouchables”

Banks, Gardai & Balaclavas

Another Shambolic Display

Let’s Prosecute

‘THEM’ (for a change)

Misconduct in

Public Office

Time for a Change


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Citizen’s Arrest of

Noirin O’Sullivan

Courting Justice? Or Wasting Our Time?

Bad Boys, Power & Money, Money, Money

Birds of a Feather?

So.. Are Irish Judges above the Law?

Complaint to Gardai about Gardai

Citizens Arrest Gardai in Courthouse

Democracy or Dictatorship Mr Kenny?

Special Detective Unit ‘joins’ Integrity Ireland

The Real (Hidden) Agenda?

More Lies From The Top..?

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Judges.. Please Give Us Justice!

Judgements, Threats & Consequences

HSE & Garda harrasment

Criminal Judges?

“Disgusting” Commissioner Callinan?

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Coincidence or collusion?

Solicitor ignores subpoena!

Holding the ‘protected elite’ to account?

Irish Police Chief & DPP subpoenaed

Latest video updates 100 officials & office holders named,  Shamed & exposed..  Including 40+ Judges!


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PETITION for a Public Enquiry (being unlawfully ignored by the State)

INDICTMENT & Petition for a Public Enquiry into State-sponsored criminality in Ireland Covid Related