Private Members' Area disclaimer ! Citizens for Justice, Transparency & Accountability The Irish Covid-related legislation is based upon a lie, and has now been lawfully overturned. We can NOT knowingly be complicit in unlawful activity. Get your personal passes here! PERSONAL COVID PASSES vs UNLAWFUL LEGISLATION Small I-I passes with instructions 4 x I-I Passes A4 to print 2 x I-I Passes large on A4 to print Small      Medium       Large      Bus Cards

For more information, proofs, data and the law, please visit the ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Asseverations’ pages on this website, and read the accompanying book/report, CRISIS, CULL or COUP? What How & Who? Facts & Truths to Make You Think! Exposing the Great Lie and the Truth about the Covid-19 phenomenon!”  

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COVID-19 The Truth View CRISIS CULL or COUP? on Amazon UK Get the unvarnished, fully-documented and fully- referenced, proven truth about what’s really going on, because it appears that humanity is on the road  to hell, and ignorance is no longer an excuse. Personal Passes vs Unlawful Covid Legislation Personal Passes vs Unlawful Covid Legislation Personal Passes vs Unlawful Covid Legislation Video Instructions here Asseveration No 1     *     Asseveration No 020

Alternatively, generate your own ‘Green Pass’ by scanning or taking a snapshot of the I-I Passes (or print out copies - or order business cards) so you can confidently respond when asked, that “YES!” You DO have your own green Covid-Pass!

Business card front I-I Pass white/yellow Business Card I-I Pass rear yellow 2 large I-I Passes on A4 to print 2 large green I-I Passes A4 to print Green business card I-I Pass front I-I Pass business card rear